The Rockateer

The Singer 503A

I did it! I finally found the machine of my dreams, the machine that my momma taught me how to sew on. It is a solid 30 pounds, being made almost entirely out of metal parts. There are no belts to wear out. Stitch selection is a bit limited, at the moment as I have only acquired a few of the Cams that are inserted into the top of the machine to change the stitch selection.

When I first got this machine, it ran, but it was the single most filthy sewing machine I had ever seen. I took it on for servicing. After working on it for three hours the service technician called me and said he had been pulling pins and needles out of the inside of the machine for the last three hours and he was giving up on it. Well he just didn’t know how important this machine was to me!!

I went and got my baby back! On my way there I decided I would just do it myself! Harumpf!! (Not a word, but the sound of the spoiled child within stomping her foot). I recalled a post from a Facebook friend a while back, he is a sewing machine repair man, and we were in the service together. I contacted him, and couldn’t have found a nicer person to help me figure out what to do next…

But we will save that for another post


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