The Repair of The Rockateer

I decided that I just couldn’t give up on Mommas machine that easily. So, with my friends advice, and a repair and service manual download from online, I started to take the machine apart a section at a time and clean it with KrudKutter degreaser. I just could not believe the amount of dirt and grease that was built up in this machine. Now it WAS still running. However it wasn’t running properly. It wouldn’t zigzag. The cams weren’t working, which on this machine is a huge problem. I had that zigzag working in about two minutes! I was so proud of myself!! Problem one of who knows HOW many solved. Next problem, it would not wind bobbins. Well , I can tell you right now I am still waiting for the part I need to make that happen. It should arrive today. Other than that I had to order two springs, which yes I was able to get for a machine built in 1961!! I cleaned enough grease and oil out of this machine to lube a car…and I am not too certain it wasn’t car oil it was so dark. Not to mention, okay wait I am going to mention..I pulled out at least five more pins and needles from the insides of this machine, not sewing machine needles either. What on earth were they doing in there??

My friend from the service said he has some presser feet and attachments for the machine in his storage, and he will send them to me. I can’t wait to see what he finds!! Mommas machine is well on its way to creating again.

The Rockateer

The Singer 503A

I did it! I finally found the machine of my dreams, the machine that my momma taught me how to sew on. It is a solid 30 pounds, being made almost entirely out of metal parts. There are no belts to wear out. Stitch selection is a bit limited, at the moment as I have only acquired a few of the Cams that are inserted into the top of the machine to change the stitch selection.

When I first got this machine, it ran, but it was the single most filthy sewing machine I had ever seen. I took it on for servicing. After working on it for three hours the service technician called me and said he had been pulling pins and needles out of the inside of the machine for the last three hours and he was giving up on it. Well he just didn’t know how important this machine was to me!!

I went and got my baby back! On my way there I decided I would just do it myself! Harumpf!! (Not a word, but the sound of the spoiled child within stomping her foot). I recalled a post from a Facebook friend a while back, he is a sewing machine repair man, and we were in the service together. I contacted him, and couldn’t have found a nicer person to help me figure out what to do next…

But we will save that for another post


I was able to knit when I was five years old. I remember my delight and sense of accomplishment as I looked down upon a small brown square that I had finished.

I must be very uptight or angry, something, because knitting is one thing that I cannot do. I am able to cast the stitches onto the needle. After that point things become very tight and tense and I am afraid I will take an eye out with one of the needles things are so stressful. It is upsetting to me that once upon a time a little me was able to do this, and now it is the only craft that seems to elude me.